The Foundation exists to give underprivileged Umlazi children the key to a bright future by offering holistic educational bursaries to its beneficiaries. Beyond offering bursaries, we provide the support necessary for all of our beneficiaries to enjoy their schooling years.

We achieve this by providing the following:

Educational bursaries to underprivileged children from the
Umlazi community (for now) in grades 1 -12.
Each beneficiary is awarded with a bursary which includes:
- School fees for the entire year
- Summer and winter school uniform for the year and
- Stationery for the year
Our beneficiaries are placed into a student support which
consists of the following projects, where attendance and
active participation is mandatory:

Food Can Initiative

Once a month, each of our beneficiaries is provided with a meal pack based on a meal plan designed by Dietician Thobe Dlamuka to supplement their diet . Vegetable seedlings, compost and planting guides are included in the meal pack and beneficiaries are encouraged to exercise responsibility, independence and sustainability. This program fits the wellness portion of the Fit & Well with Lunga Project.

Tuts with Ikamva

Another mandatory project is the Tutoring with Ikamva Youth Project. All grade 9-11 beneficiaries are required to maintain a 95% attendance rate for the tutorial sessions held three (3) times a week at the Library in AA Section in Umlazi. Any beneficiary that struggles with a particular subject(s) receives great assistance through this project. This will assist with improving, monitoring and evaluation of beneficiaries’ progress.

Fit & Well with Lunga

Personal Trainer, Corporate Health & Wellness guru Lunga has collaborated with the X Foundation to provide our beneficiaries with weekly hour long training sessions. This is then followed by a 30 minute wellness session with Zama where wellness is discussed and reading material is provided to beneficiaries.

Check-up with Dr. Sifiso

The X Foundation has collaborated with Dr S Makhanya to assess and improve the medical health of our beneficiaries through the consent of their parents or guardians. Dr Makhanya and his team will screen (perform clinical test) the beneficiaries and have them initiated enabling them to access free medication from Prince Mshiyeni Hospital in Umlazi.

Mentoring with Gurus

Focuses on the development of the beneficiary through career guidance, advise and emotional development. We have identified various experts who will share knowledge, skills, information, provide guidance and perspective with our beneficiaries. Our main aim for this project is to dare our beneficiaries to dream!

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